Main Practice Areas of Denecke ∙ Priess & Partner Law Firm

Do what you do – the best you can

All lawyers of law firm Denecke ∙ Priess & Partner bring longstanding experience in their respective legal fields. They have developed special competences in their field of activity and have specialised in different aspects of those.

In addition to the expert knowledge in their respective fields, our firm’s lawyers have access to organically grown, comprehensive networks, which can be helpful in finding out-of-court agreements and solutions. Clients of Denecke · Priess & Partner benefit of outstanding legal experience and consulting. You can rest assured that your interests will be optimally represented and you’re in the best hands.

Media Law and Copyright Law / Intellectual Property

In the area of protecting image rights, law firm Denecke ∙ Priess & Partner has been consulting and representing commercial clients from various media branches for many years, among well-known international press agencies, photographers, photo agencies, music labels and bands.

The protection of copyright, exploitation and utilisation rights is an existential requirement for artists and creative persons in all fields. Thanks to our access to necessary technical resources and an efficiently organised client service workflow, our firm disposes of excellent capacities to determine and prosecution of rights infringements. Any entitlements by artists to receive licence payments from commercial rights breachers can thus be enforced effectively and in near-time. We consider technically supported utility patent protection for high-end brands (“plagiarism protection”) a further area of future business activity.

Copyright Registration


The US is the world's largest market for creative works. Due to this, the potential losses due to infringement are far more costly in the US than in Europe. This is why, under the US Copyright Act, rights-holders receive statutory damages up to $150,000.00 per infringed work, as well as compensation for court costs and attorney’s fees. Click here for more.

Essential to this claim is acquiring US Copyright Registration. US Copyright Law allows European rights holders to assert much more lucrative claims against copyright infringers in the US.
Registered works enjoy exceptionally stronger copyright protection and achieve demonstrably higher damage awards.

The firm Denecke Priess & Partners advises on timely and optimal copyright registration, the detection of violations and the international enforcement of claims for damages.

Commercial Tenancy Law / Real Estate

Denecke ∙ Priess & Partner has closely accompanied the development of Berlin as a major real estate centre over recent years. Our firm represents established real estate investors in the highly complex specialty field of commercial tenancy law. Denecke ∙ Priess & Partner is familiar with the differentiated jurisdiction (e.g. “written form requirement”) and usances of the specialised Berlin chambers and the Senate.

Export and Foreign Investments
Export and Foreign Investments

Already since 2011, law firm Denecke ∙ Priess & Partner has been increasingly active internationally in the areas of export and foreign investments. Alongside our global cooperation partners (e.g. India, Poland, Greece), we consult foreign and domestic companies regarding their business abroad. A special emphasis has been placed on the metal and recycling industries and the area of real estate investments.

In addition to excellent legal expert knowledge, law firm Denecke ∙ Priess & Partner disposes of outstanding contacts and detailed country-specific knowledge. Outside of the EU, we’re particularly interested in India and Singapore.

IT Law / Data Safety and Protection

Since 2000, firm’s partner, lawyer Oliver Priess has been giving advice to IT companies of company regions Karlsruhe and Berlin. We’ve accompanied the developments in the IT field/ New Economy since the birth of the Internet. We understand the evolution from the traditional website to a proper company interface with direct linkage to SAP, Production and Billing. Denecke ∙ Priess & Partner prepares and checks highly complex project agreements with industrial clients, software licence and maintenance agreements as well as framework agreements for implementing company objectives regarding IT safety and data protection. Thanks to consulting the automotive industry, we have become familiar with the high demands of German industrial companies regarding legal contracts.

Trade and Company Law / Employment Law

Trade and Company Law

Denecke ∙ Priess & Partner has many years of consulting experience in the area of industrial medium-sized companies (metal and electronics industries, hygiene industry, junk and recycling industry). The law firm provides consulting in preparing and conducting processes. We have repeatedly prevailed against established law firms in the past.

In the area of trade law, we prepare national and international cooperation and sales agreements and accompany investments abroad. Denecke ∙ Priess & Partner furthermore consults companies and investors with regard to company law participation agreements and their special design (“anti dilution“, “vesting“, etc.). We’re not just legal consultants but also an experienced partner and networking entity, especially in the area of the New Economy and startups – yet not just there but also in the traditional industry. We’re currently looking at “Compliance” as one of our future areas of business.

Employment Law

As a competent contact partner in employment-related matters, law firm Denecke ∙ Priess & Partner provides comprehensive consulting services. We know employment law both from the perspective of the employer and the employee. We’ll gladly advise you in the context of creating employment documents (e.g. employment contracts for employees, freelancers or executive employees, manager employment contracts, etc.) and if employee separation is required (cancellation agreements, mass layoffs) as well as dismissal protection processes.