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We’re Advancing

In the field of intellectual property protection, Denecke ∙ Priess & Partner collaborates with renowned law offices in the entire European Union.

Whoever invests abroad needs the best possible advice and reliable partners in order to minimise risks. Foreign investment, especially in India, China, Poland and Greece are interesting options and will become an increasing focus for us. Denecke ∙ Priess & Partner has therefore selected trusted collaborators in India, Poland and Greece. We’re currently aggressively pursuing the international character of our law firm, also in order to meet the increasingly comprehensive demands of our rapidly increasing client base.


Chennai, formerly Madras, Traditional Centre of Indian Car and IT Industries. The capital of the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India is located at the Bay of Bengal. It is one of the country’s most important industrial centres. We’re familiar with the local culture and are collaborating with renowned families and companies. Our cooperation partner in Chennai is lawyer N. Umashankar, LAW Office, Chennai (Madras), India. Prior to being a lawyer, he worked for the Tata Group, amongst others.


Budding Partner in the East, Hotspot for Medium-Sized Businesses
Thanks to its spatial proximity, Poland is one of the most important investment locations for medium-sized businesses. Simultaneously, an increasing number of Polish companies (especially in raw material area) are active in Germany. Here, Denecke ∙ Priess & Partner cooperates closely with corporate law firm ProLegal Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Michalski & Lewicki Sp. p.


Interesting Investment Location
Greek real estate investors are investing in Germany on a large scale while Greece itself is once again becoming increasingly interesting for selected investments. Denecke ∙ Priess & Partner collaborates closely with Taliaki & Co Law Offices, Fr. Maria Mantzaflari, Attorney at Law, LLB Cologne, L.L.M. Manchester, Athens.