Our Philosophy – Relaxed but Highly Professional

The still relatively young age of law firm Denecke ∙ Priess & Partner is a hallmark of ours. Denecke ∙ Priess & Partner is progressive and embraces technology while aligning with traditional virtues with regard to what we value.

We have neither the time nor patience for arbitrariness. While the appearance of our law firm is rather casual, we will never accept any watering down of our high quality goals. And we also master a conservative appearance where required. From our lawyers, we expect character, performance and reliability.

We support our clients professionally. We’re not just legal consultants but consider cases also from both their business and human perspectives. This spirit permeates our everyday work.

 Two principles will guarantee you a decisive advantage in all legal matters:

  • Openness in thought and action
  • Commitment to efficient solutions and structured processes

Those are the preconditions for success and also enjoyment of work. We want both and are successful in doing so. Our clients have therefore trusted us for many years with regard to the contractual protection and legal enforcement of their rights.