Joint practice and partner of old and new economies in Berlin, Baden-Württemberg and internationally.

Continuous upward trend since 2005, specialised in legal fields of intellectual property, international trade law, IT law, employment law.

Joint practice Denecke ∙ Priess & Partner was founded in 2005 by Jan Denecke and Thomas Kuërs. Lawyer Oliver Friedrich Priess, previously partner at Harnisch Priess & Partner, has been practicing in shared offices with the joint practice since 2011. With him in tow, the law firm extended its consultation to the areas of company and commercial tenancy laws. In early 2013, he formally joined as partner. Since 2014, the law firm operates as Denecke ∙ Priess & Partner.

Media and Copyright Law

Since its beginnings, the practice has been continuously expanding the area of intellectual property protection in the context of media and copyright law. In the age of digitalisation, agencies, copyright holders, artists, labels, publishers, event organisers and other copyright owners are increasingly confronted with unsolved legal problems and questions. The copyright law has over the years been undergoing fundamental changes. If nothing else, the implementation of the Enforcement Guideline 2004/48/EG by the European Parliament and Council from 29 April 2004 for enforcing intellectual property rights in national copyright legislation clearly illustrates that all parties involved are serious about taking action against legal infringements as a result of technical innovation. Denecke, Priess & Partner is a specialist regarding any legal questions arising in the context of the pervasive digitalisation taking place and we provide solutions that work.  

Of course, our law firm also provide competent consulting for any other questions concerning media and copyright law.

Competition and Trademark Laws

Companies are facing not merely their customers but especially also their co-competitors. Throughout, it is necessary that company presentation, company behaviour and offered products and services meet the requirements of competition law. Denecke, Priess & Partner supports its clients particularly in avoiding competition law conflicts. Simultaneously, Denecke, Priess & Partner accompanies clients in enforcing competition claims and defending against interfering co-competitors.  

On the other hand, we provide protection of intellectual property in the form of patents, design and utility patents, trademarks and know-how. This intellectual property forms the fundamental success factor of most companies. We therefore serve our clients regarding any associated question concerning legal protection, legal administration and exploitation as well as claiming legal rights. We dispose of a comprehensive network of competent partners (e.g. patent lawyers) that we can integrate quickly into our team wherever necessary. 

Our service comprises, amongst others, the following areas:

  • Assessment of advertisement concepts under competition law aspects,
  • Assessment of Internet presence under competition law aspects,
  • Consulting on certain products and services under competition law aspects,
  • Trademarks (national/international submissions, administration, defence),
  • Design patents,
  • Utility patents
  • Patents,
  • Software protection,
  • Know-how,
  • Copyright law,
  • Drafting licence and sales agreements,  
  • Purchase and sale of intellectual property,
  • Legal defence, especially written warnings,
  • Legal representation

IT Law

Since the year 2000, Denecke ∙ Priess & Partner has been consulting companies of the New Economy. Already during the first wave of Internet start-ups, our partners served as legal consultants in various law firms. Alongside their clients, our partners virtually grew up inside this completely new legal consulting field constantly subject to new developments and changes. Their activities comprised designing traditional IT contracts (software purchase and licencing contracts) and the legal framework for online shops. Early on, renowned and highly innovative IT companies featured among the clients.

Trade and Company Law

Thanks to our cooperation with law offices Harnisch, Priess & Partner, our firm expanded its consulting services into the area of trade and company law. This concerned traditional organisational consulting, especially regarding the drafting of participation agreements (both for VC capital and in the context of classic participation of clients in industry and trade) Denecke ∙ Priess & Partner increasingly represented clients located outside Berlin, especially Baden-Württemberg (Karlsruhe – Heidelberg technology region), and from the EU and beyond.

International Trade Law & Real Estate Investments

In 2011, the law firm increased its international activities. Today, we have achieved special expertise in the export business. We represent both German companies for their business abroad (e.g. in metal and recycling industries, also hygiene industry) and renowned Indian steel importers. Since 2013, the law firm has been cooperating with a partner firm in Chennai (Madras), India. We’re planning to further expand the International Trade Law area.

Comprehensive Legal Consultation and Representation

The consulting competencies of law firm Denecke ∙ Priess & Partner reside in the areas of intellectual property law, copyright and media laws, trade and company law and employment law. Where desired, we will also represent you in all legal, arbitration and other proceedings in Germany.  


Denecke ∙ Priess & Partner has grown into an internationally active law firm. It represents international agencies in the areas of copyright law and renowned clients in the export business and during foreign investments. Throughout, the firm collaborates closely with established local cooperation partners.  At the same time, we’re increasingly serving foreign clients.


Intellectual property, IT law, trade and company law, commercial tenancy law, employment law – the offices of Denecke ∙ Priess & Partner are versatile. We consult you both in the “new” and the many “traditional” legal fields in a competent and highly qualified manner. In addition to our legal work, we emphasise continuous networking activities as we’re acutely aware of the commercial effectiveness engendered by direct contact.


The lawyers at Denecke ∙ Priess & Partner are characterised by their particular competence due to specialisation in their respective legal fields. Partners and associates work with a substantial amount of clients. Regular qualification updates, a sustained emphasis on quality as part of our self-understanding and a continuous exchange among the lawyers ensure sound and state-of-the-art knowledge regarding the legal fields handled by our law firm.